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Why Some White Men Really Like African-America Women?

Why Some White Men Really Like African-America Women?

There is an unfair stereotype running around Hollywood and some clubs, suggesting that once a black man is successful he only goes after white women. However, this is just an example of a newfound freedom that we all have to enjoy interracial dating. Remember that many years ago, it was the social standard that whites went with whites and blacks with blacks and those who broke the rules were ostracized from the community. But now in 2015, we enjoy a much more modern view of dating and so experimentation with difference races and ethnicities is no longer a scandal.

That said, there are many reasons why a white man could be interested in a black woman, and each person has very different preferences and motivations.

Making Headlines
Some men may find that the idea of dating a black woman is a little exciting, especially if their parents or grandparents have shown racist attitudes in the past. They like the idea of bringing home an African American woman and will intentionally look for someone of that race.

On the other hand, some people are simply color-blind and will only be attracted a person’s personality, values in life, qualities and lifestyle. They consider it a non-issue what color their partner is, and may not hold any special significance in the black women white men dating issue.

Is It True That Guys Like Big Butts?
Some men are just honestly attracted to the body shape of black women, or at least the common stereotype of the thick and curvy black figure; the round and plump buttocks and the busty chest. While this obviously isn’t true of all black women everywhere, the stereotype may hold some truth. The predominant theory is that the bone structure of African-American women is slightly different; they have thicker bones, more muscular bodies (including the butt, which is a muscle) and greater properties of melanin, possibly influenced by African climate millions of years ago.

However, it should be stated that all of these theories are not scientifically accepted and are just speculation. It really depends on the woman’s lifestyle, diet and genetically inherited body type.

Attraction to a Strong Woman
For others, it could be a mental or emotional attraction. Black women are oftentimes raised by their mothers and fathers to be confident, less reserved or shy than some white women due to various social constructs and attitudes. A confident woman is sometimes seen as very attractive to a man, who rightly assumes that she will take the lead in the bedroom rather than simply waiting for a man to perform.

Sometimes dating a black woman may simply be a preference of color or even a “rarity” in the region, and thus a novelty date. For instance, in some countries black women are not as commonly seen as in the United States and so she may be sought out by men as a truly unique lover or marriage mate, more exciting than just the usual European. (The same way Americans just love the novelty of European women and their culture!)

In the end, there is no reason to feel questionable about dating a black woman for any reason. The majority of the population is open about this kind of dating and most people will admire you for following your heart. Besides, the children of mixed relationships are usually very beautiful – a light cocoa color that is unique and that makes for an adorable baby! And to date a black woman online, black white dating site will do you a favor!

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