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What rich women hate the most when it comes to dating

What rich women hate the most when it comes to dating

Rich women dating sites provide good platforms for rich women looking to step into the dating game either for the first time or resuming the game. Many guys would not stop wondering why they have not been able to find a relationship with wealthy women, talk less of keeping such a relationship.

Below are some of the things rich women hate about dating. Some, most people already know and others would probably sound strange and weird.

While rich women could be synonymous with being proud, they do not cherish men that are egoistic. This is not to say that rich women do not want men who struggle hard and work to ensure financial freedom, rich women even with their “lack of time” would not want men that are full of themselves as partners. Bragging and frequent interruptions are some of the common characteristics that scare women away from dating. It is therefore advised that every time you get to spend with your rich female partner, you let her have the day and talk about herself.

Men are regarded as babies, but not when dating with rich women. Even with their money and financial strength, rich women would rather prefer that their partners. The eagerness to get her number or even have sex with her are some signs that a guy is needy and this would most definitely repel a rich woman.

Lack of passion for your job
Hating your job or what brings you income will definitely scare people away from you. Rich women would not like to be in the company of a man that continuously complains about his job and this automatically rules out such a person from the dating log.

Bringing back your ex
This kills the interest of any woman and rich women are not an exception. This is particularly true when you talk bad about her. The simple and effective therapy is to stop the act and realize that everyone has a bad side.

Being a “confusionist”
No woman wants a man that is unable to make up his mind. Procrastination or waiting for someone else to help in making decisions are pointers to a man’s lack of confidence, a trait disliked by all women, including the rich ones.

Other factors that has resulted in the relative low population of rich women in the dating game include jealousy and showing too much of interest.