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Tips for men looking for Cougars

Tips for men looking for Cougars

It is indeed an interesting chance to come across a woman, who thinks like you do, have the same needs as you and follow the same rules applied to a no-strings attached relationship. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, it indeed does become true in the case of “cougar dating”. But it is not easy to find a cougar. Listed below are quick tips for cougar dating:

Be confident:Do not act like a college going guy and wait for her to make the first move. If she has dropped some hints for you, then act like a man and ask the lady out. This would make her feel wanted and most importantly she would take you seriously and treat you like you a man and not a kid.

Make her feel comfortable:Elder women are quite sensitive regarding how she is being treated. At any point, do not pounce on her; rather give her the time to get comfortable with you. Once you both strike a chord, things would become even more interesting and enjoyable for both of you.

Age is just a number:Never, ever bring up the topic of age difference in the conversation. She knows her age and you know yours, and perhaps both of you know each other’s as well. Do not act like a moron and stress on lame things, by bringing in the age difference into the discussion. Nothing would turn off your woman, more than this.

Do not act desperate:Even though she has managed to turn on the heat in the first few meetings, never show that you are desperate to get laid. Try to know her better and listen to all that she has to share. When she sees that you are taking interest in her otherwise too, she would make sure you get lucky soon and in a great way.

So now you know quite a lot about older women dating younger men, it is time to get into action and get started with looking for an elder woman on a cougar dating site.