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MillionaireMatch.com has been in business for over a decade, helping many wealthy singles find their dream matches. The website has an exclusive clientele, including doctors, lawyers, businessmen, actors, models and many other successful professionals. The website prides itself on the quality of its subscribers. Being one of the first online dating sites in this niche, MillionaireMatch.com has been featured in several media, including television channels like CNN and CBS, as well as print media, such as Wall Street Journal and the likes.

The best thing about this website is that the signup process is very simple. You can make an account for free, giving only very basic information to begin with. Once you have a profile, you can then expand on it to include details about who you are, what you like and what kind of a partner are you looking for. You can delve into as much detail as you like, including whether you want children or not, your food preferences, whether you are a smoker or non smoker, how you feel about pets, your religious and political views and much more.

The website has a detailed screening system to ensure high quality clientele. The detailed verification system allows users to verify almost everything they put up on the website. This includes their age, their photographs, their contact information, and even their wealth. If you are able to submit a bank statement showing earnings of over $150,000, in the previous financial year, the website certifies you as a millionaire. You can also submit documents proving that you have net assets of over one million dollars, to make sure that you are registered as a millionaire on the website.

To make things easier for members, the website offers you the opportunity to write a blog, leave comments on other people’s blogs or profiles, and become an active participant in the website’s forum. For people who like to check their profiles on the go, the website provides a mobile phone version as well. MillionaireMatch.com, as one of the top millionaire matchmaker services, is the real deal, with only one drawback – it does not support video chat.