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This is one of the average cougar dating sites out there. Though some would claim, that the clientele on this website are not as exclusive, as registered with some of the more premium sites, you can still find a lot of attractive, well mannered and classy women here too.

The site is free of cost; so even though the membership rates are high, there are not as many active members. A lot of women simply make their profile here and move on to some other website. However, since this website is completely free and offers all of its features to all of its members, you can just sign up, create a profile and keep logging in every now and then to make searches.

The website has an extensive search feature which allows you to get detailed and refined searches so that you can find exactly who you are looking for. If you do not find any good matches, you have nothing to lose really because the site is completely free of cost anyway.

The website has a private chat and instant messaging feature, so if you happen to chance upon someone interesting, you can immediately initiate contact with them and see how things go from there.